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Porsche Racing Club Finland

Over the years it became apparent, that there was a large number of Porsche enthusiast that are predominantly interested in track driving and racing their Porsches.  As racing was (and is) not a part of Porsche Club Finland’s activities, there was a clear need for an organisation focusing on racing Porsches. Therefore Porsche Racing Club Finland (PRCF) was founded in 2004.

Porsche Racing Club Finland is open to all members of Porsche Club Finland or any other Porsche Club recognized by Porsche AG.

PRCF runs four different racing series for its members.

PRCF Esports runs in iRacing with 5 events during the winter. First five will receive awards and the series is also open for all PCF and PCCF members and their family members.

PRCF Time Trial is a time-attack type of class for road-legal Porsches with a certain minimum level of safety equipment in the "Speed Classes", ie. half- or rear roll-cage, fire extinguisher, motorsport seat, safety harness etc. The cars are divided into categories according to power to weight ratios, and there is also its own category for classics. GT Porsches are quite popular in the Time Trial series, but there are all sorts of cars represented. TT-Touring is a class for new competitors, who want to gain racing experience before moving to higher classes. Smallest difference between race laps determines the winner, but maximum pace is not required.

PRCF Club Racing is pure club racing series, where it is possible to participate with basically any racing Porsche that meets the safety requirements; full roll cage, extinguisher, bucket seat, harness etc. Class 8 is any Porsche on road tyres (usually semi-slicks or so called R tyres) divided into subcategories according to power/weight ratios. Class 7 is Porsches on racing tyres.

Porsche Sprint Challenge NEZ is a fully fledged one-make race series for later evolutions of the GT3 Cup exclusively. The series is run in a NEZ Championship format, which means that part of the races are run in neighbouring countries.

The rules for each of the series are available also in English on this site. Furthermore Porsche Racing Club Finland warmly welcomes all international participants to take part in all the series. All the board members contact details are found on this site, and we are all happy to answer any questions or help with practical arrangements.

The core values of Porsche Racing Club Finland are the following:

  1. Safety is a key driver for PRCF events. This means equipment, behaviour on and off the track, and respect for each other, the marshals and organizers as well as everyone’s cars and equipment. Everyone should head home from the weekend unharmed and with their cars undamaged.
  2. The events are rather amateur racing than professional, and are meant to be an opportunity to have fun and race together.
  3. Gentlemanship is a cornerstone on and off the track. Everyone should respect each others safety and cars. Any form of contact and/or aggressive blocking is not allowed.
  4. All competitors should respect each others and each others cars to a higher degree than in racing on higher levels. Allthough contact on purpose is generally not allowed in racing it sometimes occurs, but not in PRCF events.

By committing to these values trust is established, and this allows for safe and fun racing for everyone!